Ghost Pool, Woodland View

July the 28th, 16 fished. A Wythall Royal British Legion AC contest today, at Woodland View fishery, in rural Worcestershire. For this, the seventh club match of the season, we would be fishing Ghost. I always look forward to matches on this pool because it is, in my opinion, one of the very best in […]

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Ockeridge, Apple Pool

July the 27th, 11 fished. A rare outing with Rolls-Royce Angling Club this week, at the prolific Ockeridge Lakes in Worcestershire. This would be the first contest of a much-anticipated weekend double-header – and a welcome spell on the bank after a “dry” month since moving north of the border. I had been really looking […]

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Hay and Barley, Woodland View

May the 19th, 17 fished. A good turn out of seventeen anglers today for this Wythall Royal British Legion contest, held at Woodland View fishery in Worcestershire. For this match we would be spread over sibling waters Hay and Barley; a pair of pools we book year-upon-year as they consistently provide us with excellent sport. […]

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Abbey Pool, Lower Park

March the 10th, 14 fished. A healthy turn out of fourteen anglers today, for this Hall Green Home Guard contest – and after last month’s bluster-fest at Alvechurch Fisheries we decided to venture just a few miles up the road, to the gustier-still Lower Park. A venue often referred to as “Blower Park” due to […]

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Lower Park, Willow Pool

February the 14th, 27 fished. A trip to Lower Park today, for the Senile and Shirkers’ Thursday Open – and it would be fair to presume that a number of the anglers attending this contest might be classed as “experienced.” In fact, being just forty years of age, I believe I only received an invite […]

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Elmbridge, Pheasant Pool

October the 7th, 11 fished. A bit of a ranty grump-fest of a blog this week, as there are a few things I’d like to get off my chest before I move on to the contest. Basically, I want to talk about the treatment we’ve had as a club this season at a few Midland’s […]

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