Elmbridge, Pheasant Pool

October the 7th, 11 fished. A bit of a ranty grump-fest of a blog this week, as there are a few things I’d like to get off my chest before I move on to the contest. Basically, I want to talk about the treatment we’ve had as a club this season at a few Midland’s […]

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Manor Farm, Island Pool

August the 19th, 17 fished. Back to Manor Farm this week, not for the open this time, but a Wythall Royal British Legion contest – and it was good to see a healthy showing of seventeen anglers after recent turn-outs of just eleven and twelve. Regular followers of my blog will be aware that I […]

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Manor Farm, Island Pool (Open)

August the 1st, 11 fished. A bit of a change today, as I fished the Wednesday open at Drennan Manor Farm Leisure with Joe Wood. It’s not a change for me to fish an open, I do this quite regularly – it’s just unusual for me to write home about it. Generally, there’s little in […]

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Ghost Pool, Woodland View

July the 29th, 13 fished. A Hall Green Home Guard contest today, at Woodland View fishery in Worcestershire, where we would be fishing Ghost – arguably the most prolific pool on the complex. Saying this, the entire venue had been fishing brilliantly for weeks, with 200lb bags seemingly commonplace and plenty of back-up weights in […]

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Boddington Reservoir

July the 15th, 11 fished. A pitiful turnout today for this Wythall Royal British Legion contest, at Boddington Reservoir in Northamptonshire. Every year there are several requests for me to book this venue, yet each time it is our lowest-attended contest of the season. I don’t know if it’s the long journey that puts club […]

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Elmbridge, Heron Pool

July the 1st, 13 fished. A Wythall Royal British Legion AC contest today, and the second match of a rare weekend double-header. In normal circumstances I would look forward to a visit to Elmbridge fishery, but after several nights of excess in “preperation” for my 40th birthday, I woke on the day of the contest […]

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