Lower Park, Willow Pool

February the 14th, 27 fished. A trip to Lower Park today, for the Senile and Shirkers’ Thursday Open – and it would be fair to presume that a number of the anglers attending this contest might be classed as “experienced.” In fact, being just forty years of age, I believe I only received an invite […]

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Elmbridge, Pheasant Pool

October the 7th, 11 fished. A bit of a ranty grump-fest of a blog this week, as there are a few things I’d like to get off my chest before I move on to the contest. Basically, I want to talk about the treatment we’ve had as a club this season at a few Midland’s […]

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Manor Farm, Island Pool

August the 19th, 17 fished. Back to Manor Farm this week, not for the open this time, but a Wythall Royal British Legion contest – and it was good to see a healthy showing of seventeen anglers after recent turn-outs of just eleven and twelve. Regular followers of my blog will be aware that I […]

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Manor Farm, Island Pool (Open)

August the 1st, 11 fished. A bit of a change today, as I fished the Wednesday open at Drennan Manor Farm Leisure with Joe Wood. It’s not a change for me to fish an open, I do this quite regularly – it’s just unusual for me to write home about it. Generally, there’s little in […]

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Ghost Pool, Woodland View

July the 29th, 13 fished. A Hall Green Home Guard contest today, at Woodland View fishery in Worcestershire, where we would be fishing Ghost – arguably the most prolific pool on the complex. Saying this, the entire venue had been fishing brilliantly for weeks, with 200lb bags seemingly commonplace and plenty of back-up weights in […]

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